Political Marketing - Electoral - Government

We offer solutions for politicians, candidates, parliamentarians, municipalities and municipalities, chambers, governments, parties, organizations and public institutions.

We provide specialized consultancy in strategic planning and campaign communication, solutions in political, electoral and governmental marketing.



Political Communication

Message construction.
Planning of political communication.

Electoral feasibility study

Study and investigation of the electoral viability of the possible candidates.

Government communication

Marketing and communication of local, provincial and national government.

Management Monitoring

Management evaluation and monitoring.

Analysis of scenarios

Analysis and evaluation of the local social and political scene.

Visual identity

Development of the government’s visual identity with isologotype, colors, brand manual.


Political analysis of the conjuncture

Political analysis and conjunctural socioeconomic perspective.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning of the electoral campaign, stages, definition of messages, topics, schedule, organization chart, budget and radio and TV programs.

Government Advertising

Support in the development and production of advertising materials.

Communication area

Communication area of the mandate.


Preparation of surveys

Preparation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative surveys.


Image Evaluation

Evaluation and monitoring of the image and management of the government.

Support for decision making

Evaluation for decision making

Campaign materials

Development and production of campaign materials.

Communication Secretary

Support for the department or Government Communication Secretary.

Management and Crisis Management

Image and crisis management, prevention attitudes, response actions, damage control and wear reduction.

Media Training

Training for interviews, debates and speeches.

Marketing of Cities

The main urban management tool, with the purpose of improving competitiveness in a more interconnected world, improving governance and the quality of life of citizens.



Courses, seminars, training in communication and political marketing.

Digital campaign

Development, creation and planning of digital campaign on the internet and mobile.

Government Solutions

Development of Apps for mobile / tablets creating a contact channel for government services for citizens.


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